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Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

The day we find out how to make manicures last as long as pedicure will be a reason for celebration, but until that comes, we will take every tip and tricks in the book to make our nail colour last longer. Our hands go through a lot during all the day, and poor manicures do not have stand a chance. The first thing a user should remember that when nails are long, the nail tips are more exposed, and you tend to use them for all you are worth like try to peel off sticks, putting on the main rings and much more and also using them in harm ways. Short nails are shorter than to tip your finger, meaning that your finger but not the polish, will take the brunt of any movement that could develop chips.

Many times women have to do household works such as washing dishes or cleaning the apartment. Without using gloves, this type of home works can fully destroy your manicures. The water and soap can dry out the manicure, even make it less shiny and likely chip. Give yourself a sturdy pair of gloves to save your nails from danger. Smudges and ding at dry time ruin all the hard work you just put into your at home manicure.

A better way to tell if your nails are dry is to make your nails face each other, then slowly touch them together. If you pull them apart, and they feel little tacky, your nails still want time to try. If they don’t stick to each other at all, you are ready to go forward. If you are using a top coat without sealing the edges of your nails, that means you are going wrong. The ages of your nails take the brunt of the polish beating, so you have to make it sure that you are protecting it with a good cover of clear polish. On the other side, healthy nails also play a vital part. You have to keep you nails healthy for a long lasting finish. Fix your all nail problems like ridges, peeling, breakage and you will keep your manicure lasting longer for sure. Find out a good ridge filler or nail strengthener based on what you need to fix. After that insert them into your beauty routine to keep your nails in beautiful shape all the time.

We all know that it can be tempting to pack on the polish, but too much thick nail polish can tend to peel off, making the life of your nail manicure incredibly shorter. You should go for thinner strokes, getting just enough polish on the brush that you do not overload your beautiful nails. One most important thing you need to remember that when you are filing each nail. It does not matter which direction, but you have to make it sure that you are filing every nail either to the left or the right, never back and forth, because alternative directions weaken the nails, making it weaker to break and peeling.

You have to keep a safe distance from sanitizer. The alcohol in hand sanitization can dry out your nail polish and your nails also. It also makes them dull and ready to chip. You should go from a mild hand soap and warm water when possible for you. Many times, the nail expert in salon soak our nails in water, It causes the nail to absorb water, expanding their natural; shape. After polishing your nails, the water evaporates and your nails contract, which causes the nail polish to chip and crack.


Flaunt Fitter Body and Flawless Back – To Up Your Saree Style

Flaunt Fitter Body and Flawless Back – To Up Your Saree Style

Nothing looks as sensuous on a woman as a well draped saree. Most people believe that saree suits all body types and looks great on women of all ages. It’s true, but only to a certain extent!

The whole truth is that the mid-riff-baring, curve-hugging saree makes for a striking and eye-catching outfit. If draped well, it shows off a woman’s curves to perfection. On the other hand, if it is not styled well, it looks quite drab.

For this reason, wearing saree calls for special attention to aspects like skin-care, grooming and fitness. Why? Because, in a saree, many of the, otherwise hidden, body areas are exposed.

These include –

    • Mid-riff


    • Neck and Back


    • Arms


    • Shoulders, if you wear a shoulder-baring trendy blouse


  • Even your face and hands, not to forget your pretty feet, are in focus

Fitness Matters

    • Well, for overall fitness, a tauter mid-riff, flab-free back and toned arms, you need to increase your exercising efforts. Get going with ab-crunches and bicep curls, if you wish to look leaner and meaner in your sarees.


    • To reduce the flab around the mid-riff, increase cardio and aerobic work-outs. Also, perform Yogic breathing techniques like Kapal Bhati. Lift light weights to get rid of pesky love handles and muffin tops. Side stretches and leg lifts are great for getting a well-defined waist-line.


    • Better fitness levels also translate to better posture. And, you would surely know that a great posture can translate to a majestic saree look.


  • Enhanced fitness levels lead to better sugar metabolism and blood circulation. This improves skin texture and clears up break-outs, patchy skin and dark spots. So, trundle on, even if you haven’t exercised properly in years!

Grooming Reflects…

    • Awed by your favourite celebrity’s saree style? Well, notice how more than their ensemble, their astute and sharp grooming, styling and make-up differentiates them from the crowd.


    • You too can’t afford to be slack on these aspects, in this day and age – and certainly not in a saree. Clear skin, clean nails, hair-free arms (and back, if required) and shiny tresses – go a long way in helping you put together a wonderful look.


    • Hairy tales – Waxed arms are non-negotiable (unless, your blouse is full-sleeved, you must stick to this fundamental aspect). Sarees are elegant apparels, and hairy arms surely take away a lady’s grace. Get your back waxed or bleached professionally too, if you have prominent body hair on back area. Same goes for your décolletage. Visible hair on your stomach and torso should, ideally, be removed too.


    • Manicure and Pedicure – Neat, pampered nails, feet and hands can take your overall saree look from mediocre to suave. Paint your nails in a colour complementing your saree.


  • Going Back-less? Or Sleeve-less? – Back-less and sleeve-less blouses call for extra grooming on the revealed spots. Fresh, hair-free under-arms and arms are a MUST! Get your back scrubbed and polished too, preferably to score a neat, shining look in a low-back blouse.

Dry, Dull Skin!

    • Dry, flaky skin may not instantly be visible to you, but such troublesome spots instantly come under the scanner in a revealing outfit. Thus, don’t forget to moisturize your bared areas, when donning a saree.


    • Mid-riff, arms, hands, back, neck and décolletage (and your face) must be supple and moisturized well. Don’t forget to gently rub in sunscreen too, if stepping out in sun.


  • Pesky dry spots – Elbows should be the first on this list! Many women go to lengths to stylize and plan their look, but forget about this little detail. This can completely spoil your efforts and styling. Since you can’t see your back yourself, you may end up neglecting it too. Don’t!

*Plush Skin Tip – Eat plenty of good-fats, take Vitamin E supplements and ask your doctor to prescribe skin and hair vitamins. Cod Liver oil, Fish Oil and Flax-seed oil may also be consumed as supplements for great skin. [DO NOT FORGET TO GET A CLEARANCE FROM YOUR DOCTOR OR CHECK FOR ALLERGIES, before starting any medicinal herbs, special diets or supplements.] Aloe Vera gel is great for tackling dryness and dullness, and so is Ghee (clarified butter). You may also apply aloe gel on your skin, if you are not allergic to it.

Great Skin Matters…

Many women forget to care for their arms, neck, back and feet as nicely as they do for their face. They may get regular facials, but back polishing or manicures may not feature high on their beauty routines. Well, you can’t afford to do that, if you love wearing sarees. Can you? Here are a few other ‘musts’ for great skin… everywhere –

    • Eat a balanced diet, exercise and lead a good lifestyle to get rid of skin issues.


    • Always use good quality toiletries and cosmetics.


    • Don’t forget to clean off make-up (even from neck, back etc.), before ending your day/ night.


    • Avoid harsh sunlight. Cover up, when traveling or driving a two-wheeler.


    • Pigmentation and dark spots worsen with age and hormonal imbalances. Arrest aging by leading a good lifestyle. Get yourself thoroughly checked, if you suspect a hormonal issue, including diabetes and hypo-thyroid.


    • Dark lines and spots on neck, under-arms and back signal under-lying health issues, ranging from bad sugar metabolism to Hemoglobin deficiency. Be careful!


    • Tackle insistent dull, dark spots on face, neck, arms, back or hands with expert care, based on a trusted dermatologist’s and beautician’s advice.


    • If you suffer from arms/ back acne, and have deep, left-over spots, consider getting glycolic peels and laser done, but only if your physician and dermatologist suggest.


  • Same goes for permanent hair removal. If that’s on agenda, don’t forget to take a trusted doctor or certified laser practitioner’s advice. In such cases, price should be the least of your considerations.

*Plush Skin Tip – Reduce your carbohydrates’ intake. Specifically, the consumption of wheat products and sugary/ fried foods should be curbed. See how this clears skin, within a few weeks. Meanwhile, don’t forget to substitute with healthy alternatives like eggs, yogurt, gluten-free flours like Ragi and Chick-pea, veggies and fruits.

*Water Tip – Drink a suitable amount of water (as per your composition), through the day to keep your skin hydrated. Don’t stick to the generally recommended glasses; your body may demand lesser or far more amount of water, basis its unique composition [and also as per the seasons]. Try drinking about 2-4 glasses of water on empty stomach, each morning. Besides other obvious benefits, this will also help you deal with skin allergies.

Home Remedies

There are tons of home remedies for tackling relatively superficial or temporary skin issues, ranging from sun tan to prickly heat to dullness and dryness. Home remedies are also great for cleaning skin, removing stubborn dirt and reinstating skin’s lost glow and moisture.

Many women routinely and effectively use home remedies to their advantage. However, they forget to use these on their entire body – generally focusing only on the face. Whatever ‘face pack’ you use, ensure turning it to a ‘body pack’ – focusing on exposed areas like back, décolletage, neck, back of ears, shoulders etc.

De-Tan – Apply cucumber juice, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice (if your skin is not too dry) to get rid of tan. Leave for at least 20 minutes. Mix curd with cucumber juice, egg white, chick pea flour and some lemon juice to make a heavy duty de-tan pack. Leave on for 25-30 minutes. Potato juice is great for reducing a bad tan. Aloe vera can tackle a sun burn effectively. If you have sun-burnt, flaky skin, apply slightly warmed (tepid) cow’s ghee and leave overnight (Don’t do this, if you have open pores, break-outs or acne).

Dark Spots – Potato juice is great for handling dark spots. You can also prepare a sugar scrub to get rid of dark elbows and ankles (or even back and neck). Take 2 teaspoons of sugar, add some honey and some drops of lemon juice. Using the lemon peel (of a cut lemon), apply this sugar mix to your trouble-spots. Rub gently till sugar dissolves completely. Leave on for 15 minutes. Repeat for a few days for best results. Milk, honey, egg white and cucumber juice mixed into a pack are great for dry and normal skins. Used tea-bags, rinsed in clear water and refrigerated for some time should be placed on eyes to tackle under-eye dark circles. Potato juice and cucumber juice too work well to lighten under-eye skin. Grated cucumber may be placed to cool down any irritation in eyes.

*Star Tip – Soak a few almonds, Charoli seeds (Chironji) and a tsp. of masoor dal (pink lentils) in milk overnight. In morning, make a fine paste and apply it to dried out, dark spots. You may add a pinch of turmeric powder too, if you are not going out immediately. Repeat for a few days. Works well on arms and back spots too!

Massage – Regularly massaging your skin is great for restoring moisture and adding a warm glow to your skin. Use mustard oil to massage your arms, legs, mid-riff, neck and your entire body, while bathing. You may also use coconut oil on problem area, or if your skin is too dry. Massage also enhances blood circulation, results of which will be visible on your glowing countenance and arms/ back pretty soon.

Follow the suggestions to flaunt a flawless look in your sarees, and see how the limelight courts you, wherever you go.

The Leather Briefcase Still Makes A Statement

The Leather Briefcase Still Makes A Statement

When the term briefcase is mentioned, the traditional hard box style bag is what comes to mind, but its simple beginning was no more than a limp bag. Although some small design changes have given the briefcase a more modern style, the overall function and perception remain the same. As with today’s fashion and business culture the updated briefcase has become adaptable and streamlined for the more digital age. As an accessory, this leather bag, can show confidence and style.

History shows that in the 14th century bags were a must due to the fact that clothing had no pockets and people needed something to carry their valuables. In the 17th century, once pockets were more commonly used, bags were created for a more specific use, such as shopping, books, doctors or documents and letters. The simple large rectangular form of the briefcase continued to exist and was mainly used by soldiers and messengers. As time moved on the briefcase type bag appeared more frequently with gentleman travelers, doctors, and lawyers, thus giving it a more professional connotation.

As our working culture develops and taste change, the available accessory choices have increased, but the main features for a professional bag are constant, functionality and design. The functionality of a briefcase is paramount for the ever-changing portable devices and our multi-purpose lifestyle including still being able to hold the traditional legal briefs or manuscript. The functionality was increased with additional pockets, comfort handles, adjustable shoulder straps, and padding for protection of electronics, this modern version offers comfort along with efficiency. Designed for today’s lifestyle, which means it is versatile enough to travel overnight as well as that next important meeting, the rounded corners, and newer materials offer plenty of options to meet daily demands. A briefcase designed with luxurious leather offers long lasting durability and a sophisticated quality that will refine any style and boost confidence.

The professional bag of today is not your father’s briefcase but a mix of evolving trends and personal expression. A formal and sleek styled case is still seen in traditional, diplomatic, and political institutions that still hold true to the suit and tie standard. But many successful businessmen are rebuffing the brand-name bags and choosing a style more closely matching their own personalities. Business cultures of today accept the vintage or more rugged edge leather looks that are available and express a new type of conventional style. Even though men do not want to think of it as an accessory, it is undeniably a statement.


Fashion Myths You Need To Break

Fashion Myths You Need To Break

The fashion world is full of rules and regulations; dos and don’ts that sometimes don’t make sense.

They have rules according to your body structure, your complexion, your height and also your work orientation.

This article focuses on the myths that surround the fashion world around short girls. What they should and should not do is a list that limits their options and makes them feel like they are missing out on a lot of things. Well here are certain myths that you can totally break and look epic as hell, as you buy bangles online and flaunt them as well.

1. Maxi Dresses Are A Big No

Who said so? Maxi dresses are extremely versatile and suit every body type possible. You need to find that suits your body type, one that you love and flaunts all your curves and just go to town with it.

You can embrace maxi dresses which have a side slit or are nipped at the waist, you can preferable avoid large prints and go for small patterns or solids if you want to create an illusion of height.

2. Short Girls Can’t Pull Off Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are so in trend right now. They are skirts with the length going up to mid-calves which apparently make a short girl look shorter. If you love midi skirts wear them, with this simple key, go for high waisted designs.

Wear a high waisted skirt with a belt and pair them with wedges or any other heels you like and buy bangles online and add them to the outfit. This is a perfect combination that will make your legs look taller and beautiful.

3. Knee-High Gladiators Will Shorten Your Legs Further

This is a whole bunch of stupid rules that you do not need to follow. Knee-high gladiators are dressy flats that jazz up your outfit and make you look chic. If you like you can opt for a slightly heeled version with like a 2-3 inch heel to make your legs look longer.

Use them with clothes that are above knew level like skirts, short dresses or shorts to get the perfect look.

4. Horizontal Stripes will Make You Look Broader (And So Shorter)

This is something that they say not only for short girls but also a little healthy body type as well. This is absolutely false; just go for smaller, thinner strips that are closer on the top and not from head to toe.

5. Short Girls Shouldn’t Wear Ankle-Strap Heels

Fashion world believe that ankle straps make you legs look chubby. Do not believe that you can wear ankle strap heels and look fabulous. Choose a thin strap which is closer to your foot for a better look and rock that outfit as you buy bangles online and complete the look.

6. Pick Heels Over Flats Any Day

It is believed that short people should wear heels as often as possible to look tall and beautiful. No you don’t, heels are painful and uncomfortable after a certain points and you cannot wear them every day, so if you want to wear flats, wear them. From pointed flats to sandals to sneakers, wear what you like and feel comfortable in.

7. Capri Pants Don’t Flatter Petite Women

Capri pants are a great summer option and look great with tops or even shirts. Go for a mid-high waist design that ends at the slimmer part of the leg for the perfect look and avoid large prints or bulky details like embellishments.

Everyone loves wearing everything, some even say that layering scarves is wrong or wearing bright colors is wrong. Follow just one rule, which is make it about you. Wear what you like and are confident in to look beautiful.

Street Fashion for the Modern Teen

Street Fashion for the Modern Teen

If you want to get street fashion, it’s so easy! It’s a mixture of the youth culture and urban style. Follow these tips on how to achieve an amazing fashion trend.

High heels with shorts, or sneakers with a dress? Which is your preferred look?

Street style is all about dressing comfortably but stylish. You will often see major movie stars wearing torn jeans with flat ankle boots with a long jersey covering their t-shirts. This is simple and easy to walk in without getting your heels caught in a gutter.

Another stylish way to wear street fashion is by wearing a mini skirt, a t-shirt and a coat that contrasts the colour of the mini skirt and reaches further down your legs. A pair of black lace-up boots will top up the whole street style look.

You can achieve the street style look by wearing a pair of boot leg jeans with copper coloured boots. Your top can be loose fitted with a loose fitted jacket over it.

An interesting way to wear this style is by wearing a wool sweater tucked into a formal skirt (white usually looks good) and a pair of black corset heels. The black element in the outfit usually ties the look together and shows that what you are wearing belongs on the streets of New York.

You can try to be bold by wearing a poncho with the neutral colour of your choice. The poncho can be long enough to where your knees reach. Match the look with a pair of 7/8 length trousers in the same colour range as the poncho. Wear a pair of high heeled sandals so that you won’t make the look appear heavy.

If you are feeling too cold for any of these examples then you can try wearing a heavier style. A fur jacket (faux of course) is the starting point. Wear a pair of flared trousers and an ankle boot. It doesn’t scream street like the other looks but it is categorised as this style. If you are not comfortable with the faux jacket, go with a contrasting jacket. Leather works great for street style.

Feeling bold? You can try wearing a wraparound coat that reaches your calves. A pair of thigh high corseted boots will give this look the most chic street style.

Remember that street style has a sense of edge and to achieve this, the easiest way is by wearing a black element that stands out. Anyone can wear this style and the clothing can easily be found at any factory outlet.

Brands Megastore is a stockist of the latest fashion brands. All these clothing brands are available in store and online at discounted prices. You will find the latest fashion trends and urban clothing in our online clothing store at ridiculously low prices.

Ways To Flaunt A Skater Skirt

Ways To Flaunt A Skater Skirt

If you don’t know what a skater skirt is, they are short, high waisted, light material skirts. They generally have plates on them and the hem line can vary as per your choice. They are easy to wear and suit every body type. You can buy anklets and pair them up with these.

There are various ways to flaunt a skater skirt in every season. Here are a few ways you can do it:

1. Floral Skater Skirts

Floral prints are really in this year no matter what the season. In summers they compliment the weather and in winters they bring a little color to the weather.

So a beautiful floral patterned skater skirt with a white tee and probably a denim jacket, boots and statement necklace are the perfect look. The best part about skater skirts is that you can improvise very easily so don’t be scared to do that.

2. Block Colors

Skater skirts are available in every block color possible makes it really easy to match them with your tops and shirts. From black and gray shades to bright pink and red you can get every single one.

You can pair you black or grey one with leggings and heels with a chunky stole for the winters or pair a bright one with a mellow color top and buy anklets to complete the look and make a bit funkier even if you wear heels.

3. Crop Top it

Get the ultimate look by pairing up your patterned crop top with a plain skater tee or a plain crop top with a patterned skirt to get an upbeat, chic look.

Crop tops are the new trend and will work perfectly with high waisted skirts which will not make uncomfortable for showing too much stomach as well.

4. Biker Girl

An all black look will get all eyes on you as you walk through the crowd. A black skater skirt with a black tank top or crop top and a shiny black leather jacket and combat boots will give you the ultimate biker look. The guys will notice you and so will the girls.

5. Make It One

The best part about skater skirts is that they are high waisted, so it is easy to fool people and be smart with it.

If you can’t find a dress in the color or pattern that you want, buy a skater skirt and a top which is long enough to tuck inside in your desired pattern and color. Then pair those two up, add a belt to hide the overlap and Voila! You have a beautiful formal dress or even an informal dress which looks amazing and you get the option of wearing the top and the skirt separately as well. So you get three or four different outfits by buying two clothing pieces.

6. Work In It

A plain subtle skirt with leggings or stockings, a jacket and heels can be the perfect office look in winters. If you want to do this in the summer, a collared top with the skirt and heels will get you through the day with grace and beauty, plus when you buy anklets pair them up to add a bit of a funk to it

The key element in all this is to be a true fashionista and be creative. Pair up colors and patterns as you float around in that comfortable skirt. Be it the holiday parties or Christmas celebrations or just a day out with your friends, you can use skater skirts in any and every event.

Love This Street – Via Mazzini!

Love This Street – Via Mazzini!

One of the top shopping streets of Italy – Via Mazzini is located at world heritage city of Verona. The romantic city was made famous by Shakespeare through the iconic play Romeo and Juliet. With the setting of the play in Verona, the most famous and celebrated scene of the play is the ‘balcony scene’, which is one of the reason that makes Via Mazzini even more of a delightful shopping experience.

Via Mazzini is a must and a very rewarding walk through shopping street leading all the way to Juliet Balcony. Before having the epic glimpse of Juliet balcony on one side and Dante’s statue on the other it can really be a walk through the crowds. With all the luxury brands here it may be hard not to spend, although one may always choose to have a glass of regional flagship wine or simply meander around with an ice cream and some window shopping. As you are going to walk either way this stretch connecting Piazza Bra and Piazza dell erbe what could be better than to experience a beautiful street full of great shopping.

With very expensive brands the street boasts of many luxury names making it a shopping haven for the shopaholic. From Al Duca D’Aosta a luxury multi-branded outlet on one side to Lazzari a shop for chic dresses and accessories for dawning the classy Italian girl look there is everything that this busy street offers. Located in the older part of the city the street was paved in 1818 and named after Giuseppe Mazzini in 1907. This untouched character of the street makes it very attractive. One cannot miss the Alexandra Boutique, a very eccentric place for an elegant woman whose love for luxury cannot be measured, and hence it is not advisable to let your woman loose here.

For those who like to explore some boutique shops and little unique items they won’t be disappointed either. An ideal street to relish a cup of coffee at a small coffee shop while adding another shopping bag as you relish your walk are all wonderful. Being a very busy street during afternoons and the evening, Via Mazzini is most beautiful at night. To add to the delightful experience, one can also enjoy an emotional and sensorial shopping at Pavin Elements. Whether it is the first or the umpteenth time, it does not matter. Another sensorial experience is always welcome while shopping at Pavin Elements on Via Mazzini street. While the street ends at Piazza delle Erbe one cannot end the journey before experiencing the Alkimia. Alkimia is a boutique with number of cool international brands for both men and women with very bold, universal and edgy sensibilities.

Finally as you reach the romantic wall – the Juliet Wall, don’t forget to write on it in memory of your everlasting love. Overall the street can be a beautiful experience with your beloved or special someone amidst all the beautiful chaos, history, heritage, luxury and beauty. The lady luck will ensure lots of good fortune and assured beautiful memories at this shopping street; located at one of the most romantic destinations of the world.

How to Dress for Monsoon? A Man’s Guide to Monsoon Fashion

How to Dress for Monsoon? A Man’s Guide to Monsoon Fashion

It’s probably better to start with the obvious of all, the humble umbrella! An umbrella is always worth making an investment. Invest in a good quality umbrella instead of the easy and cheaper option; they’re good for short term however the good quality umbrellas will also last you a wholesome gust of wind and save you from troubles. Besides, umbrellas are always handy and the easiest thing to carry, especially in an unpredictable Indian weather.

Waterproof Jacket

The hood is the coolest way to beat the rains without having to put in the effort to carry an umbrella along throughout the day fearing that it might rain. Simply ensure that it is handy enough for the daily commute. A classic trench coat or a stylish jacket for men is also the most suitable option for the rains especially if you’re heading to office; it gives a business-like appearance. Such classic outerwear for men are absolutely easy to wear and take off.


T-shirts are light and therefore most comfortable when it rains or when you’re sweating. Pair them with windcheaters or casual jackets for men and you’ll look effortlessly amazing. This combination keeps you dry while being practical enough if the rains take you by surprise.

Comfortable Denims

Since monsoon is all about water, humidity and sweat, avoiding tight-fitting jeans is a sure-shot savior. Since the streets will be full of water puddles, you must avoid wearing light colored denim jeans for men. Let your light blue denim stay home for some time now. Light colored jeans can get really messy and could leave stains which are difficult to wash off. Therefore, wearing a dark colored denim which is not too tight is most suitable for the season.


When it’s pouring, most of us feel like rolling over our full pants. So, why not try the printed or colored shorts. Colorful shorts look amazingly trendy and are extremely comfortable. You can go out on a rainy day to have a cup of coffee with your date, or just enjoy the rains from your balcony. You can shop for shorts for men online and pair them with your T-shirts or semi formal shirts, or jackets.


Wearing colors and prints portray you as a very confident man. Don’t be scared to opt for brighter colors this season. Colors can make you look really attractive especially in a gloomy weather. Go out of your way and dress up in style with something non-depressing. Beat the dull weather with pink, oranges, yellow, red, and blues. They are a great wear this season. Pair them with your favorite pair of rainy sandals or slip on’s and you are good to go.


It is indeed a fact that all of us could get drenched occasionally during the rains, it is quite inevitable that way. Hence, it is very important for us to pick the right fabrics. Fast drying fabrics like a blend of polyester or lightweight cotton are the safest options for the season.


None of us wants to be spotted in wet and dirty shoes. Wearing rain-appropriate footwear during your commute to college or work is the safest bet. If you’re wearing monsoon sandals, carrying “work” shoes in your bags is a smart option. Avoid flip flops as the surface is usually muddy and slippery which could create a mess.

Things to remember

Skip leather for a while now. Avoid wearing leather pants, shoes or jackets as it is not water resistant. If at all you must wear them, make sure you keep them clean. Also, wear a clean pair of socks daily for better hygiene and avoid infections.

So, go ahead and have fun with your monsoon wardrobe and break the monotony. Most of all, try and be comfortable in whatever you wear even if you get slightly drenched while travelling. Take cues from this monsoon fashion guide and rock every outfit you wear.


Accessorize Your Outfit With Artificial Bangles to Create an Overall Stunning Look

Accessorize Your Outfit With Artificial Bangles to Create an Overall Stunning Look

When it comes to accessorizing, the only statement your accessories should make is – “Look at me, I am stylish!” They say that fashion keeps changing, but style is eternal and that is the reason why accessorizing an attire never gets old. The modern women of today often find it difficult to wear glass bangles because of the delicate nature of the bangles and also for a fact that they do not go with every attire. Hence, purchasing artificial bangles is a smart way to dress up your western as well as Indian ethnic outfits. Mentioned below are a few reasons why accessorizing your outfit is a smart idea.

  • Dress up a casual outfit

Have you ever worn an outfit that looks pretty but still makes you feel that something is missing? The Bangle is a great way to dress up a dull or simple outfit and create a stunning look. In fact, you may also add golden or silver bangles to a plain black outfit and make it look like a million dollar one.

  • Personal Style

Are you are a boho girl? Do you like flowers and subtle colors? Are you a wood bangle lover who likes to watch classic movies? Accessories help you define your personal style and show it to the world. Wear bangles that compliment your personal style and find a set that is as elegant and unique your personality.

  • Kick the boredom away

Some outfits look stunning the way they are, while others require a perfect set of accessories to make the presence felt. If you are bored with your regular outfits or have a favorite dress that you would like to wear yet again, but want to create a different look to add to it, a perfectly chosen set of bangles can do that for you. Take out your simple dress, find a beautiful statement necklace, a set of matching bangles, and a beautiful clutch to create a perfect look.

  • Create a signature style

Wearing a unique and beautiful set of bangles on a daily basis can give you a signature style and people will remember you by it. Have a collection of bangles that you can change and wear everyday according to your attire.

Make a Statement With Custom Printed Shirts Like No Other

Make a Statement With Custom Printed Shirts Like No Other

Screen printing t-shirts has become more than just a basic form of clothing to enhance the wardrobe. Today, many people wear shirts that make a statement, and are proud to. Prints are usually produced with funny quotes, logos, favorite television shows and movies. This not only displays their likes and can be a great conversation starter, but they grab attention.

Other than that, they can be used to express beliefs or opinions, or even show off a person’s artwork as many companies that are skilled in screen printing t-shirts allow designers to submit their own art. Shirts are also functional, and screen printing t-shirts are perfect for marketing products and services. Both employees and loved ones enjoy these shirts and promotional products as gifts.

Here are some other great ways to utilize screen printed t-shirts, many that companies and individuals likely have never considered, but are always a huge hit.


Printed shirts are the perfect holiday or birthday gift for family and friends. Not much is even close to being as thoughtful and smart as giving family and friends personalized gifts. They’ll likely feel that the time and effort put into the gift equates how special they are, and it’s true! Opting for screen printing t-shirts will truly show that the recipient is special enough to deserve such a thoughtful gift.

As a fun bonus, photos can often be included when screen printing t-shirts. This makes them even more special and personalized.

For Advertising Purposes

Custom printed shirts are best when it comes to advertising, or increasing public awareness about a business or service. Customized t-shirt designs are also perfect for advertising. One can advertise their personal businesses, or huge corporation. Inform even more people of a brand and product by using images that are relevant. Many prefer to include email addresses, phone numbers or social media pages.

Sports Teams and Events

Screen printing t-shirts are perfect for sporting events. For any team parent, coach or captain that’s thinking of a striking uniform for the team, custom shirts are the only choice. With plenty of options, custom tees for sports are excellent for any team to wear and bond over during tournaments, fundraisers or other outdoor events. Plus, when all the team members wear a shirt that features the same design, it sends a unified message and encourages better relationships between team members.

Take Away for Family Gatherings

So many people worry about giving out the best gifts at family reunions. They want something that will be memorable, not cheap and unique. This is true especially when it’s a large clan that needs something to remember this special time with. This is undoubtedly a lot of pressure on whatever family member is in charge of planning it.

Screen printing t-shirts is the perfect option for giveaways. Plan some sort of obstacle course, contest or game and make the shirt a prize. Every member attending the reunion will appreciate custom shirts as a giveaway item. They can be worn later during barbecues or vacations and other trips. Some people choose to print names on the shirt, at least a last name or possibly a family crest. Having art or wording to identify the family is important. If first names are present, it will help everyone get to know one another better.

The best part of screen printing t-shirts for a group is that there are often discounts associated with larger orders. Have attendees pre-order the shirt so that the best offer can be taken for pricing. The best screen printers will work with clients to develop a product that everyone loves.