Love This Street – Via Mazzini!

Love This Street – Via Mazzini!

One of the top shopping streets of Italy – Via Mazzini is located at world heritage city of Verona. The romantic city was made famous by Shakespeare through the iconic play Romeo and Juliet. With the setting of the play in Verona, the most famous and celebrated scene of the play is the ‘balcony scene’, which is one of the reason that makes Via Mazzini even more of a delightful shopping experience.

Via Mazzini is a must and a very rewarding walk through shopping street leading all the way to Juliet Balcony. Before having the epic glimpse of Juliet balcony on one side and Dante’s statue on the other it can really be a walk through the crowds. With all the luxury brands here it may be hard not to spend, although one may always choose to have a glass of regional flagship wine or simply meander around with an ice cream and some window shopping. As you are going to walk either way this stretch connecting Piazza Bra and Piazza dell erbe what could be better than to experience a beautiful street full of great shopping.

With very expensive brands the street boasts of many luxury names making it a shopping haven for the shopaholic. From Al Duca D’Aosta a luxury multi-branded outlet on one side to Lazzari a shop for chic dresses and accessories for dawning the classy Italian girl look there is everything that this busy street offers. Located in the older part of the city the street was paved in 1818 and named after Giuseppe Mazzini in 1907. This untouched character of the street makes it very attractive. One cannot miss the Alexandra Boutique, a very eccentric place for an elegant woman whose love for luxury cannot be measured, and hence it is not advisable to let your woman loose here.

For those who like to explore some boutique shops and little unique items they won’t be disappointed either. An ideal street to relish a cup of coffee at a small coffee shop while adding another shopping bag as you relish your walk are all wonderful. Being a very busy street during afternoons and the evening, Via Mazzini is most beautiful at night. To add to the delightful experience, one can also enjoy an emotional and sensorial shopping at Pavin Elements. Whether it is the first or the umpteenth time, it does not matter. Another sensorial experience is always welcome while shopping at Pavin Elements on Via Mazzini street. While the street ends at Piazza delle Erbe one cannot end the journey before experiencing the Alkimia. Alkimia is a boutique with number of cool international brands for both men and women with very bold, universal and edgy sensibilities.

Finally as you reach the romantic wall – the Juliet Wall, don’t forget to write on it in memory of your everlasting love. Overall the street can be a beautiful experience with your beloved or special someone amidst all the beautiful chaos, history, heritage, luxury and beauty. The lady luck will ensure lots of good fortune and assured beautiful memories at this shopping street; located at one of the most romantic destinations of the world.

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