Ways To Flaunt A Skater Skirt

Ways To Flaunt A Skater Skirt

If you don’t know what a skater skirt is, they are short, high waisted, light material skirts. They generally have plates on them and the hem line can vary as per your choice. They are easy to wear and suit every body type. You can buy anklets and pair them up with these.

There are various ways to flaunt a skater skirt in every season. Here are a few ways you can do it:

1. Floral Skater Skirts

Floral prints are really in this year no matter what the season. In summers they compliment the weather and in winters they bring a little color to the weather.

So a beautiful floral patterned skater skirt with a white tee and probably a denim jacket, boots and statement necklace are the perfect look. The best part about skater skirts is that you can improvise very easily so don’t be scared to do that.

2. Block Colors

Skater skirts are available in every block color possible makes it really easy to match them with your tops and shirts. From black and gray shades to bright pink and red you can get every single one.

You can pair you black or grey one with leggings and heels with a chunky stole for the winters or pair a bright one with a mellow color top and buy anklets to complete the look and make a bit funkier even if you wear heels.

3. Crop Top it

Get the ultimate look by pairing up your patterned crop top with a plain skater tee or a plain crop top with a patterned skirt to get an upbeat, chic look.

Crop tops are the new trend and will work perfectly with high waisted skirts which will not make uncomfortable for showing too much stomach as well.

4. Biker Girl

An all black look will get all eyes on you as you walk through the crowd. A black skater skirt with a black tank top or crop top and a shiny black leather jacket and combat boots will give you the ultimate biker look. The guys will notice you and so will the girls.

5. Make It One

The best part about skater skirts is that they are high waisted, so it is easy to fool people and be smart with it.

If you can’t find a dress in the color or pattern that you want, buy a skater skirt and a top which is long enough to tuck inside in your desired pattern and color. Then pair those two up, add a belt to hide the overlap and Voila! You have a beautiful formal dress or even an informal dress which looks amazing and you get the option of wearing the top and the skirt separately as well. So you get three or four different outfits by buying two clothing pieces.

6. Work In It

A plain subtle skirt with leggings or stockings, a jacket and heels can be the perfect office look in winters. If you want to do this in the summer, a collared top with the skirt and heels will get you through the day with grace and beauty, plus when you buy anklets pair them up to add a bit of a funk to it

The key element in all this is to be a true fashionista and be creative. Pair up colors and patterns as you float around in that comfortable skirt. Be it the holiday parties or Christmas celebrations or just a day out with your friends, you can use skater skirts in any and every event.

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